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Been a while since I posted. Not that it matters :D
Also my last few posts have been rather short, so hopefully this one will be a little bit longer.

EVERYBODY was being a downer today. Even me. And it's making me crazy.
Right not I honestly think I'm the only one that actually has the motivation to fight against the crappy destiny assigned to them. All the peoples seem to think they can't do anything to fix anything, that they're being forced to live such bad lives (which trust me, are not really that bad!). I say FUCK. THAT.
A while ago I decided to hell with it. Maybe it's because I'm reading Macbeth...
I don't want to be trapped by what my future is supposed to be. Even though I'm just a tiny blip on the map of history, I still think I can fight against fate.
What's most annoying right now is that many of friends have become so complacent that their only joys in life are spending money and things they absolutely DON'T need, and arguing with each other about things that wouldn't even make sense to someone three years of age!

I'm seriously wondering why my age group recently, including me, is so depressed. I'm starting to worry that I'm depressed, that I'm becoming too lethargic like the others. Depression, for us I think, is what Terrorism is for western society. Even though we aren't really in that much danger, after enough exposure, the word starts to nag in the back of our heads, and we become paranoid that it's happening to us. It's like forced paranoid schizophrenia.
But then again, maybe I'm getting too deep into things. I tend to do that.

All this talk of fate makes me think of my novel. I haven't started chapter 12 yet. I'm taking a break by doing a little series of artwork for a few characters. After that I'll probably tackle Skin of a Killer.
It's strange that Moirae relies so much on the character of fate (as seen by my title), when I really don't believe in it at all...
But even the fate mechanism in the story has limits. Nemesis (who is, as far as we know, a woman on a computer screen that runs the destiny of everthing on Earth) really only starts life, and can give a brief outline depending on how much she cares, which usually isn't much. The rest is up to you. Akane and Gaius (who can also control destiny but to a lesser extent than Nemesis) are a little bit more picky since they're betting against each other, but even then, they have to let normal life decide the victor. They could only create the people they needed and form their personalities.

Anyway....I have some English homework to do, so I'll get back to you later...
The eighties were known as the Me decade. The nineties have been called the Electronic age. So far, what would you label this decade?

Probably the Stupid Decade...

On to what I'm really posting for...
My Biology teachers lies!!! And it has messed up my day-naming system!! *smokes comes out of ears*
Remember how I said that monday would be Dichotomous Donuts Day?
Well it ended up being today!!!

[I'd be more angers if this hadn't resulted in me eating a boston cream donut of awesomeness today]
I has a busy weekend.
Saturday I'm going on a coffee date with Zack (long story, but I'm hoping to start over with him), and me and the geeky friendlies are having an LOTR marathon since we're all due for watching it this year (we watch it about 3 or 4 times a year or more), and then Sunday I'm going for lunch with my old friend Caitlin that I've literally known forever.

Anyway, that's kind of it. Just a little update really.

The Thesis Statement

As an update on my last post, that bad luck curse is slowly starting to go away. I think.

Now anyway, since Saturday I've decided to give a title to every day.
Saturday was Pretend It's Summer day because I had to wear in the gladiator sandals I bought the day before. It failed and now I have cuts on both of my ankles.
Sunday was First Day, because I did some things for the first time, including running across main street and not being killed by the R-tard drivers in this city.
Today was Sexual Innuendo Day, because everybody was just being perverted, including me

Next Monday will be Dichotomous Donut Day because that day in Biology we're doing a project on dichotomous keys that, yes, involves donuts. That we get to eat afterward :D

What will tomorrow be named? We shall see...

(Ominous endings are always the best kind)
(Sorry for the short post but the friendlies and I are making cake this evening)
See what I did there? The picture matches the title!!
Anyway, why am I in despair?

I think I've been cursed with bad luck. Seriously, this week has been very very unlucky for me.

First my boyfriend of over a year dumped me for one of the stupidest reasons ever (Let's not get into it, ok?)
And since then, just all-around unfortunate things have been happening to me, such as:
-my only belt broke so now my black skinnies have to be pulled up about every five seconds. This almost, let me repeat almost makes me wish I hadn't lost 20 pounds. Almost
-I dread Japanese class because at the end of every class either A) my binder won't close, B) my binder won't fit in my backpack (even though it did last class), C) my chair/a chair nearby will fall over as I try to leave or D) all of the above
- This morning I had to carry all my books to school because I forgot to stop by the locker after school. My back still hurts
- Lorien attacked me last night, almost cutting open my wrist with her claw and clamping down on my face about 30 seconds afterward
- Been having trouble sleeping
- my free theater passes might not work when we go to see Alice In Wonderland tomorrow, and I will be SO pissed off if they don't
- Two friends had a fight over absolutely nothing and now won't sit by each other or talk to each other and I just want to scream "ARE WE FIVE OR SOMETHING?" but all I had the heart to say was "This is kind of stupid, you guys."
-And who knows what else could happen? I don't want to think about it

~~ (Let us please change the subject so I don't spontaneously combust all over the computer desk...)

Going to work on chapter 11 today. I'm about five or so pages into it, but I find myself having to do a boatload of research to finish it. That's okay though, research is what separates authors like me from authors like SMeyer. (Obligatory pained face D: ...sorry fangirls, you can beat me up later)
This chapter is called Crime Dramas Are Particularly Useful
Can you guess what it's about?

That's right, it's about crime! Specifically murder. Specifically the autopsy of the victim (with such great bonus features as dead bodies in fields, ghosts hanging around Starbucks and a bounty hunter almost puking his guts out from the smell of decomp), and autopsy procedure is exactly what I have to spend the evening hours taking notes on.
This is along with studying for a test in English tomorrow, doing a little easy Bio assignment and reading a little bit of Queen of the Damned before bed.

Oh, and I guess I'll have to have dinner too. Right. Okay.

Anyway, once I finish chapter 11, which will hopefully be soon (I've been on a bit of a role lately), I'll be starting chapter 12.
It is called Skin of a Killer. Do you think I'll get sued for making fun of authors?....Nah
Skin of a Killer will involve people going to a bar and getting drunk, and I myself, in my own book, will call my main female character a Mary-Sue (actually I won't, a character will, but still...)
SUCK ON THAT BELLA SWAN!!!!!! (Maybe I'm a little too bitter about this?)

This is a long journal...longer than usual. Am I done yet? I'm not sure....
Yeah I'm done...I should stop slacking off here, no offense.

But before I go, I must say I'm getting very good at this whole 'talking to people that aren't actually there' thing. I should make a real thing out of it. I should be schizophrenic.
That's all for now.

Prepare For Soul Evacuation....

First news: Gots a new userpic that just happens to have my favorite actress' face on it!

Alice In Wonderland comes out on friday and I'm EXCITED!!!!


This is really all I have to talk about right now...so, uh....bye

Moirae Update

Watched a rerun of Colbert Report today, and just learned that JD Salinger kicked the bucket a couple weeks ago. D:
I'm trying to think of what to say...
Catcher In The Rye was a good book, but I gotta say Holden Caulfield would not be a very fun guy to hang out with
And it always reminds me of a really really depressing Japanese book written around the same time called No Longer Human, except in the case of that novel, the author Osamu Dazai killed himself a few years after publication.
Salinger, on the other hand, lived to be 91, so that makes me feel a little bit better.
It's never fun when you hear about a good authors death...oh well, sucks to be mortal i guess

Speaking of mortality, or in this case immortality, I just finished a chapter of my novel, titled Moirae for now (see earlier posts for my weird choice in title, all 0 readers of you). Technically it wasn't actaully a 'chapter', it was one of 5 'parts' that have a different storyline that directly relates to the main storyline (I'm not going to explain anything, because I'm so early in the writing process and who knows what will change by the time it's published). But anyway, I'm slightly proud that I at least worked a litte bit on it this week, since all I've really been doing thus far is reading through the manga series Black Cat (awesome series btw)

It's kind of weird, writing a book. When I talk about with the friendlies (especially the friendlies that also write) we talk under the assumption that I'm going to be famous or something. My friendly Saskia says that once I get rich off Moirae I have give her money, which is kind of ironic to me at the moment, because I spend most of my time in poverty, while she's spending her McDonalds paychecks on Starbucks and books.
But anyway, I guess it's good to be ambitious about my work, that i'll gain recognition for this whole novel business, but I often worry, and basically panic, that I'm being too hopeful.
My biggest fear is that Moirae will be written off as 'just another Twilight rip-off cash cow', when if anything, I'm trying to bring back the ultra-coolness of the vampire species that Stephenie Meyer took away from all us true vamp fans. And anyway, vampires are only half the plot.

If Moirae gets written off, I'm am going to ring that self-inserts yo-yo-dieting little neck!
That's not a threat, I'm just not very appreciative of authors that get famous from no work whatsoever. But you've probably heard that before.

Anyway, I'm about to leave to ski, so I'll update some other time!

Proud to be Canadian!

Before the exclamation marks and celebration comes the obligatory sadness...
To the Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died yesterday morning, rest in peace.

On to the happy parts now...
The opening ceremony rocked!!!!!! Just awesome, from the inclusion of our First Nations which made me so proud to the slam poem about our culture that I'm going to have to find on Youtube later....I feel really happy to be a Canadian today!

The only part I was kind of iffy on was our national anthem. I much prefer it when it's sung so that the people can actually sing along. Which I couldn't. Sorry, but my singing voice is just not that great. I love our anthem though, so it kind of urghs me that we all had to sit, awkwardly silent, unable to proclaim our patriotism...
Oh well, nothing is perfect I guess

Our Very Own Crematorium!

Today, on my way home from a doctors appointment, I saw a billboard ad for a funeral home.
And for some reason it has me really freaked out O.o

So I started the new semester last week, and I was shocked and ultimately depressed by the size of my Chemistry and Biology textbooks. They're both about 1000 pages and weigh almost 10 pounds each. It was killing my back so I asked a friend of mine who's locker is right by our Chem class if I could use it for my books. So I show up this morning, with the combination, and realize that I don't remember which locker hers is....
This was my expression: 0___o"

But that was really the only unlucky part of my day. I aced the quiz in Japanese, as most of us usually do. Woot!

I really really want to work on the novel, but my motivation keeps getting shot down by the fact that the current chapter involves a lot of research.
But then again, research is good. Very good. Research is what keeps me from becoming a Stephenie Meyer [que revolted cringe].
*Motivation building.....building....*
I have to do my Bio homework first.
And I want to read The Vampire Lestat before bed. I'm almost done!
But before that! I will write!
*reluctant nod*

Umm, getting on from that slightly schizophrenic moment....I think I may have a decent title for this novel-in-progress. And it's not going to make any sense to you because none of you have read it (btw, who the hell am I talking to? There's nobody here. This makes me uneasy, especially after watching A Beautiful Mind), and even when you do it probably won't make sense because you're not crazy like me.
But anyways, my tentative title (yay for accidental alliterations!! *dance*) is:
Uh, I won't go into too much detail trying to explain the choice. Moirae is what the Three Fates are called in greek. You know, these three chicks who have different jobs concerning the fate of humanity, and every author has a different theories on who their parents are. It usually makes Zues look like a total manwhore, but....
In my mind it's a little kind of parallel with a few of my characters. At least that is what I'm going to pretend.

I'm shocked with myself at the length of this post. And proud.
But, alas, I have the wonderful job of drawing food webs and energy pyramids and writing textbook question and Stuff Like That.
So I bid all of my 0 readers adieu!

Birthdays and Existentialism...And manga!

Yes, at officially 4:18 this very morning, I was a year older. Hum.

Anyway, had a few of the peoples over Saturday night. We ate lots of pizza and cake (in true birthday fashion), watched Inglourious Basterds and played Mario Party.
Because we are just that awesome!
Stuff I got from the peoples:
-the rest of the volumes in a manga series I've been reading called Black Cat, and a couple video games from meh dad
-a gift card for the new mall from his girlfriend
-some cash from Kris
-a J-rock magazine thing from Nikki
-a couple of Discworld novels from Zack

And then a bunch of people, including people I barely know were wishing me happy birthday on Facebook because, of course, notified them. Thanks for the fake love, Facebook friends!

Finished my final exams this morning, and now I get a few days of well deserved free time (that will probably turn into a novel-writing-cram-session because I am painfully behind on this project of mine
Also I get the cast weighing down my arm taken off friday morning, so things are relatively good

I keep switching between feelings of importance and feelings of smallness. Today I feel very small in this big big world. Probably a strange way to feel on my birthday, but then again strange things tend to like me.

Anyway, I have not really things to do, some little errands to run, some thoughts to think. You know, the usual.

Writer's Block: Kill the music

What is the absolute worst song ever written? For what amount of money would you consider listening to it over and over again for 24 hours?

Probably that Love Story thing by Taylor Swift, and that other one really pisses me off too. Pretty much all her stuff.
All of her music is so stereotyped, that generalized boy-meets-girl, or that-girl-is-a-flaming-slut-but-i'm-cute-and-blonde-take me bullcrap. And just so you now Swift, you don't just get a white dress, you have to EARN IT! And I'm fairly sure you're not a virgin. And did anyone else think the guy in the Love Story video looked a failed genetical engineering of the Jonas Brothers, who are already bad enough?

Long story short: Taylor Swift's music honestly made me sympathize with flaming sluts. Ah well
The Amount You Would To Pay: Let's say...my entire university tuition?

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